3 Benefits of Accreditation for Inclusive Recruitment

While gaining a strong, industry-leading accreditation is an achievement in itself, you can use your AIR Bronze, Silver or Gold level accreditation to stand out within your sector.

Here are 3 immediate benefits you gain by having this accreditation.

1. Show candidates you are committed to inclusion

2. Show your current staff you care and are working on D&I

3. Be a leader in your sector

Show candidates you are committed to inclusion

Attracting strong candidates is a key part of your recruitment process. We want staff who are hard-working, skilled, engaged and loyal.

By offering our staff a place in a diverse team, we show them that there is a place for them in that team. We show them that all diversity is welcomed, and that we are actively working to be as inclusive as possible.

When looking for companies to work with, graduates and other candidates do their homework. They look to see staff retention rates, programmes within the organisation, and a company’s work with D&I. People want to know they will be working in an inclusive environment. Having the Accreditation for Inclusive Recruitment shows them that you offer just that.

Show your current staff you care

Staff within organisations often forget about bigger company-wide drives or policies while they work on the day-to-day. It’s a great commitment to include D&I in your company policy, but really staff on the ground don’t see this so much unless they are constantly reminded.

Along with building strong employee networks, a team of diverse talent, holding events to celebrate your staff, and engaging in relevant CPD, having staff see that you hold an Accreditation for your commitment to recruiting inclusively (both internally and externally) is another way to remind them of the continued work that you’re doing.

Be a leader in your sector

Be one of the first in your sector to wear this badge of honour. Show others that you truly are committed and progressive, and that your commitment isn’t just something you talk about, but that it has been approved and corroborated by an impartial, external body.

Companies across the UK are working on their D&I agendas and on being more inclusive throughout the recruitment and retention process. Being able to recognise that and openly, proudly demonstrate it is a different matter.

Include your accreditation on your website and social media, in your email signature and in tenders and applications to show the world how genuine your commitment is.


Building your team out in these ways can start to engage with more levels that are needed for both Silver and Gold levels of accreditation. Think outside the box, and never stop progressing.

To learn more about obtaining an Accreditation for Inclusive Recruitment, contact AIR.

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