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Inclusive Recruitment - the Accreditation & the Award

Based in the North West.

Made for the UK.

The Inclusive Recruitment Accreditation and Award has been developed to support companies of all sizes in their journey towards acting, and being, more inclusive. 

We often work hard to embed real diversity and equality within teams and companies, but this is an ongoing project. 

Built out of a need to offer guidance, support and real recognition of this pathway, the Inclusive Recruitment Accreditation and Awards are designed to connect the dots that have previously been missed.

Designed and assessed by recruitment experts, leading trainers, and a team of D&I specialists from across the country, the Inclusive Recruitment Accreditation and Award can help companies of all sizes.

By working towards an Inclusive Recruitment Accreditation, you can follow a set path to truly build in more inclusion at all levels of the recruitment process, building in more diversity and making inclusion and equality in your company a reality. 

The accreditation serves as a badge of honour, as well as marker to show others how inclusive you are.

The Award

Working through the levels of accreditation acts as a guidance system to support you in knowing where you are in your D&I journey. 

Starting with the Bronze level of recognition, you can then take steps to work up to a Platinum accreditation. 

Holding an accreditation allows you to request a nomination and entry at the annual Inclusive Recruitment Awards, held in Greater Manchester for companies based all over the UK. 

Winning an award can give your company magnificent exposure at a national level, recognition of the hard work and real change that it has accomplished, and access to the Platinum level of accreditation. 

Join companies in their pursuit of stronger, more diverse, more resilient and more effective teams and systems by embedding inclusion, and particularly inclusive recruitment. 

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